The MAGIC formula for creating the life and business you love!

Have you ever wished for a genie to grant you magic wishes or to happen upon a magical place that would transform your life in an instant giving you everything you dreamed?

(Go ahead, admit it. I used to wish for that, too!)

Guess what? While I don’t have a magic wand to lend you or use on you I CAN offer you a magic formula that I know works. Want it? Keep reading.

To grow your business and create a life you LOVE is actually simple. There are 5 steps to this magic formula:

  1. Create programs out of your services – no more hourly billing that limits your earning potential AND pushes you to work 24/7
  2. Grow your client base and potential client list
  3. Engage your ideal clients
  4. Deliver amazing service
  5. Hire team to support you

So now that you have the magic formula you’re probably saying to yourself, “I’ve been working on all that but looking at my business and my life I’m still stuck.” I have good news for you. There is help at hand.

As smart and capable as women like us are, sometimes we really need the advice, support and guidance of someone outside of the business to help us sort it all out, regroup our business goals and cut through the money roadblocks we’ve put in our own way (often unwittingly).

 And getting an intensive dose of this kind of LOVE outside our everyday environment can ignite the lifestyle success you’ve been striving for in a much quicker way.


So I have a special offer for you.

Please join me at Feminine Money Magic in November!

It is a 2-day retreat for women entrepreneurs – just like you –  totally devoted to you and your business. It’s all about giving yourself and your business a little TLC in a resort environment. I invite you to turn off the outside world for 2 whole days of transformation, mindset shifts around money and business, breakthroughs and of course, fun!

Early bird pricing is in effect NOW but it won’t be for long so grab your seat and book your hotel room. I can’t wait to see you!

[If you still have questions after you read all about the retreat at please reach out to me. I want to personally answer your questions.]



Tell me a story…

I was chatting with a mentor the other day and the subject of my writing came up. I admitted I hadn’t written anything substantive in months(pretend you noticed, okay?), just short little posts for social media and a few emails to my community. When he knowingly asked, “what is keeping you from the one thing you always say you wish did more?” my response was typical of many entrepreneurs who are busy spouses, parents and community participants. I started listing kid schedules, dog groomer, doctor, dentist, work emergencies, and so on. He gently but firmly said, “Story.”

See “story” is kind of the magic word for me. I love to hear other people’s life stories and I truly love to tell stories. In college my roommates groaned loudly because I usually had a story about any topic we started. But I also use stories with myself as a distraction or if I am being completely truthful, an excuse. They serve as an excuse to avoid something I fear or worry may come true. Such as, if I write what’s in my heart people may not like me. If I reveal myself to be someone other than the image they’ve created they might reject me, and more importantly reject the big message I’m trying to share in the world – that women entrepreneurs create ripple effects in their families and communities by becoming hugely successful because they tend to share their resources willingly; that money in and of itself is not a bad thing; that the wealthy have immense power for positive change.

The strategies I share with my clients absolutely help grow that wealth. I see it over and over. But most women don’t want to talk about that success, that growing wealth, because of fear. Fear that their friends, family and colleagues will not celebrate their success but see them as someone who thinks she’s better than everyone else, that they will reject her as if she has become a different person instead of just someone with better income and a more relaxed outlook because the money stress is gone, that their mainstays will abandon them. The secret is that for most women their self image, their sense of self worth, grows right alongside the bank account increases. And her inner circle may change drastically because as she grows those around her are not growing at the same pace.

There are so many layers to this. Fear of rejection. Worry that our inner circle will go into comparison, perhaps get jealous or resentful and then we might be cast out, left alone. There is a fear of success while we are striving to achieve it. Talk about internal conflict! No wonder we let petty and not-so-petty distractions creep in and lead us off our paths.

So what keeps you from doing what you love? From using your creative energy where it will serve greatly? I want to start a discussion and keep this moving forward. Until we acknowledge the problem we will never move through the fear. My hands are open and outstretched. Please accept this invitation to keep talking, online and offline.

Please leave your comment below or share on my facebook page:

What Would You Say?

So it happened today, well, actually last night. I received an email that six years ago I would have been ecstatic to open. It was from a former mentor, a woman I invested in, who I held up in the business world as an example of what I should be and whose influence I yearned to have. And now she wants ME to consider working on one of her major projects with her.

Wow! I was hooked – momentarily. It is flattering after all. Someone you thought was in a different world invites you in, behind the curtain so to speak. I would have real access to the people she works with and the true behind-the-scenes workings of a hugely profitable empire.

But my vision is not to work with someone else’s grand idea to grow their empire.

My vision is to mentor creative women entrepreneurs to package their unique services into programs their ideal clients love to pay for and receive, gently nurture them through their money blocks (known and unknown) and be the catalyst that creates a new reality from something they secretly feared was just a dream.

And the women I’m working with are experiencing that – income growing consistently, hiring supportive team members, not just employees looking for a paycheck, honing their marketing message to attract ideal clients and standing firm when the wrong person comes knocking knowing that a paycheck equals cash, not freedom. So would I abandon them for this bright shiny penny that tugged at the woman I used to be – doubtful of her own abilities, afraid to fail, looking for approval and love outside herself?

No. I won’t. I’m saying “yes” to myself and a huge “hell, yeah” to the women I am working with and the fabulous entrepreneurs I have yet to encounter who are going to watch their incomes skyrocket once we work together. My Charge Your Worth 90-day virtual Income Intensive starts next week. What would your life look life with better clients and higher pay?

What would you say? Are you ready to say “yes” to yourself? Curious how we might work together, whether through the group program or one to one? Accept my offer of a 30-minute complimentary Money Breakthrough Session. I only offer a few each month. No pressure. No commitment. I’m just feeling generous after reconnecting to my big why. What is yours? Tell me below in the comments!


As a Rochester Medicaid attorney I spend a lot of time telling folks not to simply make gifts to their children and other family members. But what if there is a real need for cash and what if the recipient really does wish to pay back the funds? Well, if the loan is structured properly then there is no countable gift for Medicaid purposes. Fantastic, right? Absolutely, but let’s chat about what needs to happen for intra-family loan strategies to work.

First, set the loan term for a reasonable number of years. For my senior clients this means that loaning your son money to purchase a new home cannot be backed by a privately-held thirty-year mortgage. Why? Because your life expectancy is less than 30 years if you are in your 70s. (I am not putting an expiration date on you, just sharing what the life expectancy tables say.) The Medicaid program would take the position that you created a sham arrangement and penalize you for not creating a loan term tied to your life expectancy. So the loan can endure for your full life expectancy or any amount of time that is less than what is shown in the tables.

Second, use a fair market value interest rate.  You can have a market rate that is less than the banks and credit unions near you and is still acceptable. You just need to pay attention to the current rates when the promissory note and mortgage are created. You will still be saving your child or other loved one all the fees they would have paid a bank or credit union, you will pay the attorney fees for creating the arrangement, and your loved ones will avoid paying for points like they often would with a commercial product. And if the funds you loan your child were sitting in a money market account or other cash arrangement you will actually make a little bit back on your loan investment; a real win-win situation for you and your loved ones.

Finally, while you and your children may love each other very much you still need to protect yourself so formalize the loan with a promissory note and recorded mortgage (if applicable).

Want to learn more? Call me at The Powers Law Firm today to set up your Family Wealth Planning session (585) 244-2170. And if your planning is already in place with us we can easily add on your intra-family loan work.

Today is National Health Care Decisions Day! Do You Have Your Health Care Proxy?

National Healthcare Decisions Day is April 16th. We all know we should have advance directives in place that tell medical professionals who our agent is when we cannot communicate and direct the agent as to our wishes. Do you have your health care proxy signed?

I have written about this in my ezine for years. Sadly, I posted in the blog in 2010 and from my review the statistics have not improved BUT awareness is growing.

Here’s part of a message I received from Dr. Pat Bomba (a/k/a rock star of the End of Life planning world and all-around super individual):

Today is the seventh annual National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD). This is a national day set aside to encourage everyone age 18 and older to have family discussions about personal values and beliefs, to choose a spokesperson, and to complete a health care proxy. NHDD exists to inspire, educate & empower the public & providers about the importance of advance care planning.

Who : You, your family, loved ones and friends. Everyone 18 years of age and older!

What : Speak with your husband, your wife, your loved ones and your doctor about your values, beliefs and what is important to you.

Where: Your home, around the kitchen table or wherever your family gathers to discuss important issues.

When: April 16 (NHDD) or any time in April!

Why: Anyone can face acute illness or injury and lose the ability to make medical decisions. Starting advance care planning discussions early will ensure your care and treatment is directed by someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf. Early conversation eases anxiety for your loved ones and provides peace of mind.

How: Real stories can help you start the conversation.

The health care proxy is the “magic” legal document in New York as established by New York Public Health Law section 2981. Known as a healthcare power of attorney in other states, we simply call ours the “health care proxy.” Statistics vary, but the average seems to be that less than 1/3 of our state population has a valid health care proxy in place. The New York State Department of Health has a very helpful online explanation, questions and answers and the official form for the health care proxy. Of course your attorney would be happy to assist you in preparing the health care proxy as part of your estate planning; I typically prepare a will, health care proxy and power of attorney as a package. The health care proxy form was designed to be valid without the need for attorney supervision or a notary public seal so you can literally set it up at your kitchen table. To be valid the form simply needs to include your name and address, your agent’s name and address, and have your signature in front of two witnesses, neither of whom can be the agent listed.

We also now have the Family Health Care Decisions Act in New York, that will allow family members to make decisions in the absence of a health care proxy. Do not rely on this measure, though, not when you can control who speaks for you and direct the choices they make on your behalf.

Get your health care proxy in place today – and then give it to your medical providers for your chart!


Is Your Disney Vacation Derailing Your Kids’ Future?

For Rochester parents spring break is coming soon! Many moms and dads have boldly ventured onto shockingly expensive flights, jam-packed hotels and yes, Disney crowds all to give their kids a fantastic experience to remember for a lifetime.  Know what those same parents who have dropped literally thousands of dollars have NOT done? They haven’t done crucial planning to protect their kids in the event they can’t be there for them, either due to death or disability.

We have run giveaways a couple times, most recently in February for a FREE digital copy of a quick read, an eye-opening book on protecting your kids, Wear Clean Underwear.

iStock_000017507571LargeWe’ve had hundreds of people request it since we first offered it to parents in summer 2013, and I’m so gratified that so many moms and dads really care about protecting their kids, and not just with the right car seat or background check on the sitter or care center. But you know what? THEN those same caring parents put blinders on. Many leave our emails unopened and only a handful have followed up with us to take advantage of a FREE planning session (a $950 value) that we offered when we sent the book so they can name guardians on the spot for their kids.  Odds are that with the sheer volume of people requesting the book that something bad will happen to some, like a car accident or serious illness, something that prevents them from being there for their kids and leaves the kids at the mercy of adults they don’t know and trust. If you don’t spell out who has the authority to be with your kids a court will decide, and in the meantime they could end up in the system through Child Protective Services. I don’t know a single parent who would choose either of those options. Would you? It really breaks my heart because it’s so easy to avoid the added stress and pain for your children.

When I talk to friends most of them admit they’ve done nothing at all and only a few have done the bare minimum by naming guardians under their wills.  Isn’t it insanity to spend thousands on strollers, car seats, hockey and nannies/care but do nothing to protect your kids if you can’t be there for them?   So you decide, which investment should come first – Disney or your kids’ future?

If you’re reading this, CALL US AT THE POWERS LAW FIRM TO SCHEDULE A PLANNING SESSION WHERE YOU CAN NAME GUARDIANS ON THE SPOT FOR YOUR CHILDREN. Don’t become one of those statistics, please. Mention you read this blog post. We’ll get you in ASAP.